Ramadan Calendar Dubai 2020 Timings United Arab Emirates

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the Gulf countries. The United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country and people living there are very much keen to know that when Ramadan starts in Dubai. The people living in the Muslim city Dubai is looking Ramadan calendar Dubai 2020.

When First Day of Ramadan in Dubai

Ramadan is a little far away from us but the astronomers are making their predictions about that when will be the first day of Ramadan in Dubai. The first day of Ramadan Kareem usually starts the sighting of the crescent with the naked eye.

dubai ramadan timetable 2019

This year Ramadan Kareem is expected to start on 24th April 2020. We still have to wait for the official announcement of the moon-sighting committee. If you are looking for the Ramadan calendar Dubai 2020, you are in the right place. We are providing you the Ramadan Dubai calendar 2020 for the full month.

Ramadan 2020 Fasting Duration in Dubai

This year the Dubai Muslims will expect the fasting duration of the Ramadan month for approximately 13 hours and 10 minutes. This fasting time in Dubai will gradually increase and expectedly will move to 13 hours and 40 minutes till the end of the month.

fasting timing in dubai 2019

The temperature of Dubai during the holy month Ramadan will remain between 23 to 41 degrees Celsius. The humidity level for this holy month will be approximately 75 percent across the emirates.

The working hours in Dubai during Ramadan Kareem 2020 will be reduced by two hours according to the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.

Below is the Ramadan Dubai calendar 2020 in detail form. You can also find Ramadan Calendar Abu Dhabi on Ramadan Dua. The suhoor time and Iftar time is also available in details.

Ramadan Dubai Calendar 2019

Dubai Ramadan Calendar 2020, United Arab Emirates

30 Days Dubai Ramadan Calendar 2020 TimeTable, UAE
Ramadan Date Day Sehr Time Iftar Time
1st 24-Apr Friday 4:25 AM 6:46 PM
2nd 25-Apr Saturday 4:24 AM 6:46 PM
3rd 26-Apr Sunday 4:23 AM 6:47 PM
4th 27-Apr Monday 4:22 AM 6:47 PM
5th 28-Apr Tuesday 4:21 AM 6:48 PM
6th 29-Apr Wednesday 4:20 AM 6:48 PM
7th 30-Apr Thursday 4:19 AM 6:49 PM
8th 1-May Friday 4:18 AM 6:49 PM
9th 2-May Saturday 4:17 AM 6:50 PM
10th 3-May Sunday 4:17 AM 6:50 PM
11th 4-May Monday 4:16 AM 6:51 PM
12th 5-May Tuesday 4:15 AM 6:52 PM
13th 6-May Wednesday 4:14 AM 6:52 PM
14th 7-May Thursday 4:13 AM 6:53 PM
15th 8-May Friday 4:12 AM 6:53 PM
16th 9-May Saturday 4:11 AM 6:54 PM
17th 10-May Sunday 4:10 AM 6:54 PM
18th 11-May Monday 4:10 AM 6:55 PM
19th 12-May Tuesday 4:09 AM 6:55 PM
20th 13-May Wednesday 4:08 AM 6:56 PM
21st 14-May Thursday 4:07 AM 6:56 PM
22nd 15-May Friday 4:07 AM 6:57 PM
23rd 16-May Saturday 4:06 AM 6:57 PM
24th 17-May Sunday 4:05 AM 6:58 PM
25th 18-May Monday 4:05 AM 6:58 PM
26th 19-May Tuesday 4:04 AM 6:59 PM
27th 20-May Wednesday 4:03 AM 6:59 PM
28th 21-May Thursday 4:03 AM 7:00 PM
29th 22-May Friday 4:02 AM 7:00 PM
30th 23-May Saturday 4:02 AM 7:01 PM

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