Holy Month Ramadan Second Ashra Dua 2020

Ramadan Kareem (رمَضَان كريم 2020 ) is a month of blessings of Allah Almighty. Ramadan Second Ashra Dua is famous among the Muslims during these second ten days.

The holy month is divided into the three parts which we call ashra. The 2nd Ashra of Ramadan is started on the 11th day of Ramadan.

2nd ashra dua The second Ashra of Ramadan ends on the 20th of the holy month. There are a lot of good deeds and prayers which one can do in the second 10 days of Ramadan Kareem. Muslims looking for the second Ashra Ramadan Dua in the middle 10 days of Ramadan Mubarak.

The first 10 days of Ramadan are called 1st Ashra and this 1st ashra is related to “mercy of Allah”. The second ten days of Ramadan are called the second ashra and this ashra is called the “forgiveness ashra”.

second ten days of ramadan

The third ashra which lasts from 21st of Ramzan Kareem till 30th of Ramadan is called the 3rd ashra and this ashra is related to “free from hellfire”.

The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) has said: It (Ramadhan) is the month, whose beginning is mercy, its middle, forgiveness and its end, emancipation from the fire (of hell) — Bihar al-Anwar, Vol.: 93, Pg.: 342

second 10 days of ramadan

Every Ashra of Ramadan has its specific significance related to it. With respect to each of the importance, Muslims try pursuing that certain Ashra with that objective in order to attain the established significance. In this regard, the second Ashra of Ramadan Kareem (رمَضَان كريم 2020 ) is known for forgiveness.

The month of blessings Ramadan Kareem is divided into three phases (Ashras). Every Ashra of the holy month Ramadan Mubarak has its particular importance associated with it. The second Ashra of Ramadan refers to the middle 10 days (11-20) of Ramadan. It is the time of forgiveness in which Muslims must seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty. With seeking forgiveness Muslims should also apologize for all sins that they had done before.

second ashra dua

The second Ashra or the middle 10 days of Ramadan is a time where the forgiveness of Allah (SWT) is at its peak. These days are the best time for asking about forgiveness for all the sins. Do make sure to not repeat the evils after you have done Tauba.

Seek forgiveness as many times as possible, because Allah Almighty loves Tauba during this period and forgives the one who seeks His forgiveness.  If you are looking for forgiveness from Allah Taala then also try to forgive all your beloved relations these days as Allah Almighty loves Maghfirah.


The second ashra of Ramadan refers to the middle 10 days of Ramadan Kareem 2020. In this ashra of Ramadan, the forgiveness of Allah Azzawajal is at its peak. This is the best time in the Ramadan Kareem 2020 (رمَضَان كريم) to asking forgiveness about sins from Allah Almighty. Second ashra dua of Ramadan Kareem is a dua to pray throughout the days of 2nd ashra.

The second ashra of Ramazan is the best time to ask maghfirah from Almighty. This is also the best time to wash our sins committed in our life. This is the month to seek forgiveness and repentance. Always say thanks to Allah for all the blessings which He has granted us. The best way to do this is to be good with other people and keep ourselves at peace. The relations between our Creator can be strong if we fulfill all the duties and roles which Allah orders us to do.

dua for second ashra of ramadan

The second ashra of Ramadan Dua Kareem 2020 is the best time to ask mercy from Allah Almighty. Allah’s mercy is at its peak during this 2nd ashra days. This is the best time to utilize this opportunity by imploring Allah to forgive our sins.

It is needed to follow all these elements of Repentance even more than any other days. During this period of time better to search for forgiveness and change yourself. One should have to promise himself that he/she will not these sins and mistakes again in life.

Offer prayers five times a day and recite the Holy Quran as much as you can. Pray from Allah for yourself and all other Muslims. Ramadan Dua for 2nd ashra is also a very small Dua, which you can easily learn by heart. This second ashra Ramadan Dua can be recited on day and night during the free time.

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second ashra of ramadan kareem

The better way to please Allah is to make Tauba again and again, constantly and sincerely. Allah loves the people who committed sins and then make true Tauba from Him. During the 2nd Ramadan Kareem (رمَضَان كريم 2019 ) ashra, Allah Azzawajal loves to forgive His creature and also loves him a lot who are seeking forgiveness. Do no show andy disrespect to anyone. Forgive everyone and accept them as your friends, these are the things to make Allah happy.

In the Quran, Allah says:

“And seek forgiveness of Allah. Indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” (73:20)

At another place in Quran, Allah Almighty says:

“And whoever does a wrong or wrongs himself but then seeks forgiveness will find Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” (4:110)

dua of 2nd ashra

Regarding the matter of forgiveness, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in His hadith:

“If anyone constantly seeks pardon (from Allah), Allah will appoint for him a way out of every distress and a relief from every anxiety, and will provide sustenance for him from where he expects not.” (Abu Dawud)

The second Ashra of Ramadan is particular to looking for forgiveness; therefore, in addition to seeking forgiveness during the month, a believer must also make sure that the second Ashra is specifically utilized for this purpose. In this 2nd Ashra of Ramadan try to perform all those deeds that invoke the forgiving quality of Allah Tala.

Happy Month Ramadan Kareem Second Ashra Dua 2020, Ramadan 2nd 10 Days Dua in Arabic, 2nd Ashra Dua


Ramadan Kareem second Ashra Dua in Arabic 2020

اَسْتَغْفِرُ اللهَ رَبِّىْ مِنْ كُلِّ ذَنْۢبٍ وَّاَتُوْبُ اِلَيْهِ

Holy Ramadan Kareem 2nd Ashra Dua in English 2020

“I seek forgiveness from Allah, my Lord, from every sin I committed”

Happy Ramadan Kareem (رمَضَان كريم 2020 ) Second Ashra Dua in Urdu 2020

میرے رب! میں اپنے گناہوں کی مغفرت چاہتا ہوں اور تیری جانب پلٹتا (توبہ کرتا) ہوں۔

Islamic Month Ramadan Second Ashra Dua in Roman English 2020


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Holy Month Ramadan Kareem 2020 Best Wishes Quotes

Abdullah ibn `Amr reported that the Messenger of Allah (saw), said: “The fast and the Qur’an are two intercessors for the servant of Allah on the Day of Resurrection. The fast will say: ‘O Lord, I prevented him from his food and desires during the day. Let me intercede for him.’ The Qur’an will say: ‘I prevented him from sleeping at night. Let me intercede for him.’ And their intercession will be accepted.” [Imam Ahmad]

May Allah reach us to Ramadan and many more and may He make us better Muslims from today. – Dr. Bilal Philips

Abu Hurayrah reported that the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Whoever observes fast fst during the month of ramdan out of sincere faith, and hoping to attain Allah’s reward then all his/her past sins will be forgiven .”

Abu Hurairah reported that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said : “The time between the five prayers, two consecutive Friday Prayers, and two consecutive Ramadans are expiations for all that has happened during that period, provided that one has avoided the grave (major) sins.” [Imam Muslim]

Ramadan is the perfect time for us to leave bad habits and bring good habits into our lives. Make this be our goal this Ramadan.

Make this Ramadan the turning point in your life. Break free from the deceptions of this world and indulge into the sweetness of iman.

He has left his food, Drink and desires for my sake, The fast is for me, So I will reward (The fasting person) for it and the reward of good deeds is multiplied ten times [Sahih Al bukhari 1894]

ramzan 2nd ashra dua

Friday is the balance of the week, Ramadan is the balance of the year and Hajj is the balance ofthe life Ibn Qayyim. (rh) Zal-Al-Maad:1/398)

The best charity is that given in Ramadan.” – (Tirmidh)

May Allah accept our ibadah, supplications and efforts during the month of Ramadan. May Allah give us steadfastness on the path of righteousness, elevate our imaan, cleanse our sins and bestow his blessings and mercy upon us in this world and in the hereafter. Aameen

We sent it (this Qur’an) down on a blessed Night. Verily, We are ever warning (mankind of Our Torment). Therein (that Night) is decreed every matter of ordainment. Amran (i.e. a command or this Qur’an or His Decree of every matter) from Us. Verily, We are ever sending (the Messenger). (As) a Mercy from your Lord. Verily! He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.” [Ad-Dukhaan 44: 3-6]

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